About KnowEntry.com

KnowEntry.com is a 24/7 continuously updated news aggregator on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. News is updated every 10 to 60 minutes.

Whether you are only casually interested in what is happening in AI or a hardened professional keeping up with the latest news then this website may be of use to you.

The site is designed so you can scan it quickly and is without distracting images. It is divided into sections:

General AI – You should get a broad idea of the latest AI news from a diverse range of publishers such as The Verge, ZDnet, The Guardian, The Register, and many others.

Academic Institutions AI – Universities, particularly MIT.

Big Tech AI – Apple, Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft all publish high quality AI news content.

Google AI News – The RSS feed of Google News on the topic of artificial Intelligence.

Technical & Research AI – More for those engaged in the AI industry.

AI Funding News – Funding the AI companies.

YouTube AI News – There are a few excellent channels about AI that are monitored in this section.

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